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Take control of your investment data while automating your operational processes.

Investment operations teams are rapidly becoming the data stewards of the investment management industry.


ATHENA enables you to create a single source of trusted investment data for your business, while automating your investment control and reporting functions.


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Aggregate all your investment data into a single source


Combine your data utilising the low-code integration tools within ICS ATHENA.

Comprehensive investment management data model to cater for multi asset class portfolios and extensive analytics data sets.

Mastering of your portfolios and investment securities

Combine your portfolio and security master data from multiple sources to create a golden record.

Distribute your master records to downstream platforms utilising ATHENA's low code data extract and integration tools.


Automate your NAV and unit price validations


Build and automate your NAV and unit price validation rules in ATHENA's flexible rules engine.

Leverage existing rules from the centralised ATHENA configuration library to fast-track the build or extend your existing rules library.

Reconcile your data to external or internal platforms

Reconcile your IBOR, ABOR, Portfolio Management System and more with ATHENA's line-by-line reconciliation tools.

Maintain multiple book of records within ATHENA and reconcile:

  • internal vs internal

  • internal vs external

  • external vs external


Monitor data delivery SLA's with your service providers


Maintain an overview of how your service providers perform against agreed SLA's.

Have more informed conversations during your service provider reviews.

Respond to data queries and
build reports in minutes

ATHENA's low-code environment makes it easy for business users to create online reports and views in minutes.

With a single-click, you can export the data to Excel or even create a data extract configuration to send externally.



Analytics at your fingertips based on a trusted source of investment data.


More than ever, investors need to understand the impact of investments.

What next?

ATHENA is purpose-built to help you efficiently manage all your investment data from multiple sources.

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