ESG & Sustainability
More than ever, investors need to understand the impact of investments.

Implementing ESG analytics, responding to regulatory requirements or are clients demanding to understand your sustainability profile?


Wherever you are in your ESG journey, ICS ATHENA enables you to efficiently manage your ESG and sustainability data from multiple sources, combined with best-in-class reporting capabilities.


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Communicate effectively with your investors

ESG and Sustainability Reporting

Communicate in a language that conveys complex data in a simple, succinct manner.

Align your ESG investment process with your partners

Integrate ratings to provide a common data set and language for compliance and mandate monitoring.

ESG and Sustainability Reporting

Respond to regulatory requirements


Aggregate your investment and ESG data, as well as external data sources, to comply with local regulations.

Incorporating ESG and Sustainability into your end-to-end process

Go beyond ratings and utilise ESG and Sustainability data to increase the value generation within your business


What next?

ICS ATHENA is purpose-built to help you efficiently manage all your ESG and sustainability data from multiple sources.